What We Do

Onsked is an easy to use online scheduling tool designed for any kind of service providers like healthcare professionals, massage therapists, hair stylists. Onsked software can schedule appointments and save time.

Onsked can be used as an internal scheduling system, or be configured to allow customers to book appointments with you online. You can use it in a single location, or across multiple offices. you can have multiple users working in it at the same time, scheduling appointments simultaneously - no mistakes, no overbooking all in real-time.

Spend less time scheduling appointments and more time focusing on customers. Quickly add or locate customers, find available appointment times(by resource, time period, or both), and manage waiting lists with ease. In Onsked you can manage your business with speed and efficiency. It's easy to enter your client's details including their email address, other contact information. With automated email reminders you can say goodbye to chaotic calendars, calling to remind clients by phone. When schedule an appointment, the client will automatically receive the reminder by email. Better yet, you can send out special offers to drive sales or newsletters by simply staying in touch.

Also, with one click of a button, Onsked can send text messages to ask clients to confirm their appointments. The client will receive a message indicating the date and time of the appointment and the service they are booked for and given options to reply in order to confirm or cancel their appointment.